Timesavers for Busy Mums 

cooking kids.jpg

 1. Plan meals in advance – Planning your weekly meals will save time at night trying to work out what you are going to cook or running to the grocery store on a weeknight after a busy day at work. Planning your meals also helps avoid eating quick, unhealthy dinners.  

2. Order groceries online- This is the best thing I ever did! You can set up a list of regular foods that your family eats and re-order each week to make ordering even quicker. The delivery person will bring the food right into your kitchen, so you just have to put it away in the cupboards. A bonus is that you don’t get tricked into buying all the specials the end of the aisles either! 

3Lay clothes out the night the before- Deciding what to wear in the morning can waste time. Try laying the clothes out the night before for yourself and the kids. It is a good idea to put your gym clothes too. This makes it easier to get up and moving early- no excuses.   

4. Everything has a place- Families spend a lot of time looking for items at home. We look for wallets, keys, phone, school notes, library books, homework and our handbag. If everything has a place and we put things back in their place, we save so much time. This takes organisation and training, but it saves a lot of headaches!

5. Keep a family diary- In a central location the house keep a diary of events, so the family doesn’t waste time being disorganised. A digital diary is great too and everyone can be assigned a different colour and add events or activities to a family calendar.  

6. Cook extra meals- Prepping for extra meals is a great time-saving hack. If you are making dinner, why not double the recipe and freeze one for later or set one aside for lunch the next day?

7. Load of laundry a day- Quickly throw a load of laundry in each day or two. If you wash a load at night and hang it in the morning it will save time doing a whole day of washing. Try sorting laundry by colour in advance. I personally like the three-compartment hamper. This will save time sorting later.  

8. Five Minute Rule- If you can complete a task in under 5 minutes, do it right away. Answer that email immediately after reading it, fold that basket of laundry, make your bed. Don’t waste time.