Creating Happy Mornings with Kids 

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 1.  Add music to your life- The best way to change to mood or create happy mornings is to add some happy music. Choose some music that your children enjoy and sing or dance with them in the morning to ease tension or stress. This will only take a few minutes and can have a positive impact on your whole day.

2. Organisation is key- Try using tick charts, little whiteboards or “To Do” lists to help the children stay organised in the morning. If they are organised, it helps to keep everyone happy. There tends to reduce yelling and tantrums when the expectations are clear. My kids tick off their list before they play in the mornings, so they are rewarded for being organised too! 

3. Have a healthy breakfast- Start the day with a healthy breakfast and your children will achieve better at school and be more positive. I like to prepare a big fruit salad the night before, so the children can make their breakfast independently. Add it to yoghurt or porridge in the morning and it is delicious! Another idea is to make smoothies with frozen fruit or some quick eggs.

4.  Be prepared-Try to be as organised as you can the night before. This may include making lunches, ironing school uniforms, or preparing breakfast. Preparation the night before will elevate any stress the next morning for everyone.

5. Put yourself first- To avoid tears and yelling, take some time for yourself first in the morning before dealing with your children. Do something that makes you happy. Go to the gym, listen to music, meditate, or read your favourite blog whilst having a coffee. Taking a few minutes for yourself with help you to keep your cool when the kids are not cooperating the mornings.