Finding Work Life Balance 

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 1. Prioritise your time- You may have a huge “To Do” list, however you need to assess the list into categories of what is really important, so that you don’t become overwhelmed. Start with the urgent tasks and maybe the least important jobs can wait until tomorrow?  

2. Set boundaries- Have designated work hours and stick to them or you may end up working until midnight every night and not leaving any time for your family or yourself. This has been challenging as our work environment has changed drastically with COVID19.

3Schedule exercise- It is easy to miss out on your walk, evening run or yoga class when you start getting busy with work and family responsibilities, but you need to schedule it in your diary as an appointment and stick to it. Exercise will help you to function better at work and manage your stress.

4. Choose quality over quantity- Sometimes we need to remind ourselves to be more present in the activity we are doing, rather than madly rushing through many activities and not actually putting as much effort into each one.

5.  Be organised- To have balance does mean that you need to be organised, however, you also need to be realistic. Try to schedule time in for family and personal growth.

6. Keep some routines- routines are important for everyone in the family. This will help manage day-to-day life and everyone's mental health.

7. Make time to do something you love- You may think that you cannot possibly fit it in, but you can be creative in how you do. Perhaps you don’t have time to play in your band anymore or go to your book club, but you can still pick up your guitar or book at home every night for 15 minutes. Doing something that you love will help you perform more efficiently in other areas of your life.