The Benefits of Chores 

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Family in the Kitchen

 1. Chores help build a strong work ethic- You can create a list of   2- 3 jobs each week, and if they get them all done then they get some pocket money. When choosing ways your child can help at home, remember to only give your child a few, age-appropriate tasks. You want to guarantee success. Also, let your child chose

their jobs.

2. Chores help kids learn responsibility and independence-  Giving your child a specific job or a specific area in the house to look after will help them learn how to be responsible in later life – a skill again we all need to enable us to get through life more easily.

3. Chores are good for bonding- Working together to tidy up toys or set the table provides an opportunity to chat. My daughter wanted to help cook dinner as one of her chores. We have so much fun cooking and singing in the kitchen together.

4. Chores help teach teamwork -Teamwork involves listening to others, depending on others, working together, helping others who struggle, like younger siblings.

5. Chores help teach life skills- If we teach them these life skills a little at a time while they are growing up, they will move out so much more confident and able to live on their own.

6. Chores teach money skills and delayed gratification- Children today do not seem to have wait for anything. By providing your children with money for their work, it allows them to learn how to manage their money from a young age. They can save up for a luxury item that they want. We encourage our kids to think about putting some in “Savings”, some in “Spending” and some in “Giving” jars, so they begin learning to manage their money.

7. Chores are good for your child’s self-esteem- when they have completed their jobs around the house, they will feel good about their accomplishments. Praise and encouragement are important as well.