Helping Your Child Through COVID Crisis


 1. Create a safe environment at home- When the world outside the door is scary, try to create a warm safe place at home with blankets, calm activity, comfort food and family.

2. Limit your child’s exposure to the news- Too much media and the news is not good for anyone. Filter the information they are exposed to and provide them with only the true and necessary facts.

3Promote creativity- art, music and drama is a great outlet for stress and a healthy way to express yourself.

4. Stay Positive – Try to focus on the positive around the children, like how grateful you are for what you have. You could make grateful paper chain, gratitude rocks or a grateful jar as a fun activity. 

5.  Model healthy coping skills and take care of yourself- this may mean taking some time to process information alone, meditate or exercise. Taking care of yourself and your anxiety will help you be a good role model for your children. Don't worry, it is not too late! 

6. Keep some routines- routines are important for everyone in the family. This will help manage day-to-day life and everyone's mental health.

7. Don’t forget to play- Have some fun with your kids. If you can turn the news off, put phones away and enjoy the quality family time, it will help you to get through this too.

 8 Look for changes - Keep an eye on your children's mental health over time.