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 1. Appreciate the Small Stuff - 

Gratitude doesn’t have to be saved for the “big” things in life, like job promotions or buying a new home. Being grateful starts with appreciating everything around you. There is nothing too small for you to be thankful for.

2. See the World Differently- 

Gratitude is not only about being thankful for positive experiences. It can be being grateful for the challenges or problems in our life too. If we didn’t have the hard times, we wouldn’t see how wonderful the good times were. Challenge yourself to be thankful for the bad times because there is always something to learn from them. Remember it is the easy and hard times that have shaped who you today.

3. Write a Journal

I know I sound like Oprah saying to keep a gratitude journal but writing what you are grateful for is very powerful. You can keep a journal every day or you can just jot down a few things you are grateful for on a piece of paper or a sticky note and keep it in a little box on your bedside table. This doesn’t take as much commitment as a journal and you can always reflect on the notes when times are tough. There is also some great free phone aps to use. There is one that I love that requires you take one photo a day of what you are grateful for and record it on a calendar. So easy and fun if you are like me and enjoy taking photos. It can be as simple as taking a photo of your meal, your child or a flower in the garden.

4. Stop and Think - Stop in your busy day for a quick time of reflection and think about five to ten things you are grateful for. The trick is that you need to picture it in your mind and sit with that feeling of gratitude in your body. You don’t need to meditate or do yoga to do this. Just pause in your day and try it. You will start feeling happier as you continue to do so.

5 . Hang out with Nature and People you Love - We spend so much time inside and on computers. Sometimes it only takes a walk in nature or getting your hands dirty in the garden to begin feeling grateful for the world we live in. If you’re struggling with feeling the gratitude at the moment, go spend time with your friends and family that you love. Even a pet can make you feel grateful for the love and support they provide.