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Screen Time 

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 1. Make screen-free zones- Try to keep technology out the car, the bedrooms or the kitchen because I have found most of our deepest conversations occur in these places.

2. Set a good example- sorry to tell you, but kids will mimic their parents. If they see you reading a book or exercising, they are more likely to copy you.

3. Find times to unplug- Set aside times for the whole family to be unplugged from all devices. Dinner time or the hour before bed are good times because they provide the opportunity for quality time and family time. You could also consider a family holiday with no devices. “Disconnect to connect”.

4. Set limits- You are in charge as the parent and it is your job to set some limits. Maybe there are times of day that they are allowed on devices and you have all agreed on these times. If the children are older, you can place time limits on all the screens in the home and you can monitor the times.

5. Encourage other activities- Try to get your children outside or participating in activities that do not involve screens. They may enjoy sport, art or a book. You may have to play a game with your children and you may enjoy it. Praise your child when they are participating in non-screen activities.

6. Keep phones and devices out of the bedroom- There are so many negative effects to using screens before bed. We all know that it interrupts our sleep. Also, it is impossible to monitor what your child is looking at or how long they are online if they are locked away in the bedroom.