How to Show Your Teen That You Love Them 


 1. Say the words “I love you.” It is important to continue to say the words, even if your teen is not saying them back.  

2. Compliment your teen on something that is important to THEM. We are usually complimenting them on school because it is important to us. Try to find what they care about (sport, fashion ect.), and compliment them on their efforts in this area. 

3Let your teen chose the music in the car. This shows them that you respect their taste. You may be surprised and like a new band or song as well. 

4. Text your teen- Send them a funny text, cute joke or photo to make them laugh. A cheesy dad joke will do the trick!  

5.  Get to know their friends. Socialising is so important to teens and getting to know their friends shows them that you care about them

6. Encourage their interests. Be positive about your teen's interests and get involved in them with your child if you can. Perhaps you can read the same book together if you like reading, go for a bike ride together, or jam together if you both play an instrument.

7. Give them space. Often showing your teen love, is understanding what they need. Giving them space to be alone is what they need at times. You may need to put some ground rules in place with siblings to help make this happen too