Tips on how to relieve stress when you are a busy mum 

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 1. Yoga- Practice some basic yoga moves. Yoga relaxes your body as well as helping you get fit. There are videos on YouTube to walk you through it or classes at your local gym or yoga studio. I sometimes do classes on the beach run by people in the community as well. 

2. Do something that makes you happy- A hobby will get your mind off the things that normally stress you out. You may just need a project to concentrate on every now and then. It could be playing an instrument, gardening, sewing, painting or a sport you love to take part in.

3. Exercise- It can be joining a local team, hitting the gym or simply going for a walk with your baby. The fresh air and exercise will make you and your child feel great.

4. Meditate or simply just take some time out to sit in quiet - When life seems overwhelming, try to focus on the beauty in everything. Once you tune into it, you’ll notice it all around you and acknowledging it feels good. You can simplify sit alone and take 10 slow, deep breaths in and out. There are also many great apps and YouTube videos to guide you through mediation for free. 

5 .Entertainment- Take some time to watch your favourite movie or television show. Get into a great NETFLIX series if you wish. Try to find something uplifting or funny! 

6. Music is medicine- listen to your favourite music and sing along or dance to it. 

7. Socialise - Surround yourself with supportive, upbeat friends if you are feeling stressed. It will rub off on you. This doesn’t mean big nights out drinking but catching up to talk through your stresses over a coffee or walk. You will be surprised that many mums are feeling the same way. 

8. Read- Escape into the pages of a good book. Having a break from the stresses in your life is important. It is always hard to read with little ones around and when you are tired, so maybe find a blog with short interesting stories to follow. Alternatively, you can listen to stories or podcasts.  

9. “Me time”- Although I find this almost impossible, it is important to try. You can tag team with your partner to watch the children or let them have a play with a neighbour or friend. Don’t feel bad if you need to put them in front of the tv for a show and then make yourself a warm tea and just relax. “Me time” doesn’t have to be about spending money at a spa, it can just be being alone briefly with a cup of tea.  

10. Sleep- Try to get enough rest and it will help with your stress levels. If the children are young, ignore your chores and have a nap with them in the day. If your children are older, get enough rest at night. 

11. Bath time- Relax in the bath with candles, a book or some soft music. Remember to lock the door to keep the kids out!