How to Deal with  Tantrums 

young siblings

Understanding Why Tantrums Happen- Remember your child is usually getting upset because they don’t have the vocabulary to express their needs yet and this can be very frustrating. If they are older than 3, maybe they are unsure of how to deal with their emotions in an appropriate way.



Identify Triggers to Plan Ahead- Usually, there is a trigger setting your child off. Often it is stress, hunger, tiredness, over-stimulation or difficult situations, like sharing. Try to identify the trigger and avoid it before a tantrum happens. For example, if tiredness sets your child off, then do not miss their afternoon nap.


Stay Calm- although it is hard sometimes, try to remain calm. It is okay to go away and calm down if you feel yourself getting really upset, as long as the child is safe.Yelling back will usually escalate the tantrum. 


Wait it out- Sometimes it is too late, and the child is really upset, so you have to just wait it out. Don’t be embarrassed if you are in public when this is happening because we have all been there!


Remember that you are in charge- If you give in to the child’s tantrum and give them what they want, they will learn that the strategy works and try it again next time.


Think Positive- They won't have tantrums forever.