Quality Time with your Kids 

Family Walking On the Beach
Father and Daughter Having Breakfast
Dancing on the Grass

Listen - Listen and be engaged when your child is talking about their day. Even when you are busy, turn off technology when you spend time with your child. Try not to check texts, answer calls or look at social media.

Weekly Ritual- Make a weekly ritual for the family that fits in the schedule. We do “family movie night” once a week. You can do breakfast together or dinner around the table with the whole family for example. 

Daily Ritual- Make a daily ritual together. This can be as simple as collecting the mail together, reading a story at bedtime, a cuddle in bed before the busy day starts or all sitting down together for a meal every day.

Play a game together. Try a card game or board game as a family.

Cook together- Let your child help prepare or cook a meal with you or complete a chore with you.

Get outside with your child- You can take the dog for a walk, go to the park or kick a ball around. Find an outdoor activity that you will both enjoy.

Chat time- Leave time in each day to connect and chat with your little on. Bedtime is usually a good time for this.

Play together- Let your child choose an activity to play. Maybe a make-belief game, Barbies, Lego or drawing. Try to be present in the activity because it is important to them.

Have fun together- Don’t be afraid to sing in the car, dance around the house or laugh with your child.

Show Love- Tell your child how much you love them. Quality time doesn’t have to be spending money. Just a cuddle on the sofa and tell them how much you love them is showing that you care.