How to Organise  Space in a small House  

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Find storage space wherever you can- Some ideas include: making drawers under the beds to store linen or finding an ottoman or trunk to use as a cool table in the living room, but also a storage space for throw blankets. When you buy a desk or a child's bed, buy it with built-in shelves or drawers or a trundle for company.



Declutter constantly- If you will not use it, get rid of it. Only keep items that you use or wear. Give the rest to charity. Too much clutter in a home causes stress. Also, be picky when bringing items into the home. Only buy what you need and what you can see fitting into your space.


Use zones to create separate spaces- Create zones for different purposes and this keeps everything tidy, but also gives a purpose to your living area. For example, our children's playroom is divided into a play area and a homework area.


Use your outdoor area- Your space is not only confined to the inside of the house. You can easily expand neatly outside too. You can purchase portable sheds for lawn equipment and tools. You can use your garage, attic or loft for storing clothes, not in season. This frees up space in your closet as well. We use large Tupperware containers and label them neatly to store in our garage.


Go up- Use your vertical space to make more room. We have an old house, but the ceilings are high. Firstly, bunk beds always add space and wardrobes or desks with built-in shelves going up can be very useful!


Use your closet space efficiently- Any type of wardrobe can be used to organise and store many items if you are clever about how you set it up. You can add show racks and old dresser drawers into the closet to make more room. You can also add rails for long and short clothing. You can add small containers for belts or undergarments. In pantries, you can add shelves, plastic containers or baskets to organise your food.  


Hang it up- If you can hang some items it allows more space on countertops or dressers. Some examples are to hang pots, pans or utensils in the kitchen or jewelry in the bedroom. We installed hooks on the back of the bathroom door to add more hanging space in the bathroom.


Be creative- If the real estate agent sells you a house with 2 bedrooms, you may be able to add a bedroom by rearranging your space. We converted our sunroom into a playroom. This provided more room, as we removed the toys from the bedroom. You can also divide one room into two zones, thus creating an office, playroom or another entertaining area. Be open-minded.


Colour makes it bigger- Sometimes a coat of white paint can make your house look so much bigger. You can also rip up the carpet and expose the hardwood floors to make it feel bigger. Dark colours tend to make things feel more crowded.


Keep it clean- If it doesn't have a place, it needs to go. Everything should have a place to be put away and if there is too much stuff, something must go. Keep items off the floor and the clutter to a minimal and it will seem bigger immediately. Doesn't your house always feel bigger when it is clean, and the surface areas are empty? I know mine does.