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 1. Recognise that you can keep the memory without being attached to an object- People often associate objects with old accomplishments, goals, identities, or relationships, which can make it seem harder to say goodbye. Let yourself let go of things that do not add value to your life. Are you keeping that hideous dress because it reminds you of the person who bought it for you? Will you ever wear it again? 

2. Think about self-care- Although it is hard to let go of things, it’s good for you. You can grow and learn from the process of de-cluttering.

3. Don’t overcommit – too much planning and having your diary too full can be stressful. Try de-cluttering your calendar.

4. Delete your emails – Declutter your computer by cancelling subscriptions you don’t use and deleting emails.

4. Let go of the past- cluttering is sometimes related to the past. We may be stressing about our mistakes, missed opportunities or people we’ve hurt. Take the time to go through those mental drawers and discard memories of the past that are not serving you well and are just cluttering up your current life.

5 . Stop Multi-Tasking - If your house in need of de-cluttering, you may attempt to start by choosing one area, for example, the kitchen table and clear away the clutter. By starting small, it will lead to bigger areas.