Preparing  for School   

back to school story.jpg

Be positive about your child going to school- If you are anxious, your child will pick up on this.


Build Confidence- Attend transition mornings at the new school and visit the school. Help your child become familiar with the new environment.


Build Independence- Don’t stress about the academic side of school. Make sure your child is toilet trained, can dress him or herself, can pack the school bag and open lunch a box. All these life skills are important when starting school.


Build friendships before school starts- Even if your child has one familiar face or friend on the playground it will help with first day nerves and they will feel more comfortable on their first day.


Plan Ahead- Think about how you will manage your feelings on the first day. Even if you are feeling sad or worried, try to see your child off with a happy, confident goodbye. As a teacher, I always say, “A quick goodbye is a good one in Kindy”. Then plan something nice for yourself, like a coffee with a friend.